In a year marked by challenges across industries, our staff at HOFYR have showcased an exceptional spirit of resilience and dedication. While we faced widespread staffing shortages, the unique demands of our mission made recruitment even more challenging—the need for Level II Background screening and extensive training added to these challenges.

However, our administrative and direct care teams have been the embodiment of commitment. Week after week, they’ve been the shining beacons of our institution, and we’ve made it a point to celebrate their victories, big and small.

To mention a few of these triumphs:

– The administrative staff have been pivotal in their roles – from managing medical, optical, and dental appointments to developing new donor processes and even helping with crisis management when specific work shifts proved particularly demanding.

– Our Direct Care team, the very heart of our day-to-day operations, have been unwavering in their dedication. Whether supporting kids during academic endeavors, assisting during crisis situations, taking children out on personal off-duty days, or even taking the time to do their hair – their love and dedication have been evident in countless ways.

– Collectively, the staff have diligently worked on meeting the requirements for our relicensing and accreditation, ensuring that the Ranch operates at the highest standard possible