Our Mission

Proverbs 22:6 "Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life. "
Counseling a Teenager

The Heart of
Florida Youth Ranch

For over three decades, Heart of Florida Youth Ranch (HOFYR) has been dedicated to providing compassionate care to children who have experienced the profound loss of parenting due to neglect, abandonment, abuse, and tragedy. As a response to the alarming number of children falling victim to sex trafficking in Florida, HOFYR has extended its mission to serve as a vital at-risk facility for children who have endured the horrors of sex trafficking or are in danger of exploitation.


Counseling a Family

Foster Care Placement Services

At HOFYR, our dedicated cottage parents serve as mentors, caregivers, and role models. They guide and nurture each child, offer assistance with homework, provide nutritious meals, oversee hygiene routines, and work tirelessly to ensure that the children entrusted to their care enjoy as normal a childhood as possible. Our focus is on helping these young souls heal and develop, empowering them to overcome the trauma they have faced and build brighter futures.


HOFYR Services

Family life in residential living units is provided with quality service and without discrimination based on gender, ethnic orientation, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability, or religious beliefs.

  • HOFYR provides Social Services to the residents and, where possible, to their families.
  • HOFYR provides Educational programs emphasizing credit recovery as needed and available.
  • HOFYR provides Spiritual guidance and enrichment.
  • HOFYR Staff Teams provide responsive, child-centered working practices.
  • HOFYR provides Licensed professional psychotherapy.
  • HOFYR Case Management Services provides academic, personal, life skills, and psychiatric medicine management as needed.
  • HOFYR Case Management provides Intake, discharge, and aftercare planning.
  • HOFYR provides Behavioral overlay services with individual treatment plans.
  • HOFYR provides Connectivity with approved visiting resources.